Is the Idea of Being “For the Gamers” a Bad Thing?

Mega Dads

image5“Everything we do, we do for the gamers.”

“We would be nothing without you, the fans.”

Gamers love to hear things like this. These types of sentiments and others like it have become commonplace in recent years as developers, publishers, and platform holders come out on stage at a big event and express their gratitude and devotion to the fans. I admit that at first it sounds like a nice sentiment, the people who create the games that we love showing how much they appreciate (and need) the support of their customers. What could possibly be bad about that? Well, after some recent incidences between developers and gamers,  I can’t help but shake this feeling that however well-intentioned those remarks are, there have been some ugly consequences to them.

We’re living in an age where it’s easier than ever for players to connect with game developers. Whether it’s…

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