Paladin: Oath of Secret Knowledge


Once upon a time, a character came across a shrine deep within an abandoned Dwarven stronghold carved deep into the Iron Mountains. Struck by reverence to the shrine of the lost deity Dunathoin, he knelt and prayed. So his character changed forever.

I worked with the player to create a Paladin subclass devoted to the knowledge of keeping secrets. I tried to caution him against multiclassing. He was playing an Eldritch Knight. It was a conceptual disaster. Here’s my build notes on the design.

Oath of Secret Knowledge

Ability Score

Since the major conceit of the subclass is possessing secrets in reverence to a deity of knowledge, the major shift was to shift the primary ability score from Charisma to Intelligence.

Any time we change an ability score reliance, there’s a risk for overpowering, especially with multiclassing. However, moving an ability score into Intelligence is often a safe choice. Wizard…

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