Isabel’s Letter to Her Progeny

Ilyanas Tomb of Doom



Dear Progeny,

I have watched each of you from the shadows, and I am proud to say that you are ready to go your own way. Forgive my absence from our collective, but after a long rest in the under-earth, I fell upon the scent of a teacher in crisis. A priestess of Selune, one Daria Moonfell.

As I mentioned, she was torn between two ideas: a. Lawful behavior, and b. Lawful Evil behavior. It would not even be worth a guess to ponder which way I tilted her in her time of woe. After softening her with my loving ways, I tempted her to show me something of the art of calling the dead as it is done in the hidden, occulted Selune rituals.

Alas, let me say that the secretive path is quite powerful. After calling up the dead, young Daria was shattered by her deed…

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