Exploration Dice


5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons players often lament the exploration pillar as the most underdeveloped portion of the game, behind the combat and social pillars. While there are great tools for fleshing out your world in the core materials, there is a lack of mechanical bite. Let’s give those narrative elements some mechanical teeth with Exploration Dice.

Exploration Dice
Exploration Dice

We’re rescuing the exploration pillar with a mechanic called exploration dice. The goal is to combine multiple types of environmental effects that the party might encounter, in order to build an interesting narrative.

There’s only so many times you can come across a goblin ambush before it becomes trite. When you layer in exploratory elements behind random encounters (which lean heavily on the combat tier), the world becomes more developed.

Example 1. What if the party comes across goblins ambushing a trading caravan? This presents several choices. Since the party is…

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