Thinning my personal collection: AD&D Forgotten Realms modules

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I recently added a MERP collection to my own personal gaming shelf. [The shelf is behind me in this pic] I have a self-imposed limit to keep my collection from ballooning back to what it once was: Something goes in, something else must come out.

So to that end I’m selling off some Forgotten Realms supplements and modules.

[A cheaper option than the originals can be Forgotten Realms PDFs and (occasionally) reprints at DriveThruRPG.]

FR Accessories Modules 9-19 photoshoot set

I14 cover detail Swords of the Iron Legion. (Cover: Larry Elmore)

Fall of Myth Drannor cover detail The Fall of Myth Drannor. (Cover: Zina Saunders)

Calimport cover detail Calimport. (Cover: Fred Fields)

For Duty & Deity cover detail For Duty & Deity. (Cover: Matt Adelsperger & Tanya Matson)

Waukeen is alive but trapped in the deadly Abyss. The heroes embark on a daring mission to rescue the lost goddess from the clutches of one of the most brilliant and dangerous of all Abyssal lords, Graz’zt.

UM Stardock SW c Undermountain – Stardock: Dungeon Crawl series…

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  1. Side note: The Undermountain: Stardock module didn’t get a close-up photo ’cause dark covers in shrinkwrap are really annoying to shoot; it’s like trying to take a close-up picture of a mirror.


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