Gamer Sneakers?


As a gamer and someone who doesn’t particularly care about fashion, I rarely pay attention to what’s happening in the sneaker world. I usually just wear a cheap pair of Nikes and buy a new pair every year or so at Costco. While on Facebook the other day though I saw a video for a new kind of sneaker that piqued my interest called Zeba and they seem like the ultimate gamer sneaker. Gamers tend to look for an edge anywhere they can whether it’s on a 144hz monitor, a mechanical keyboard, a top quality mouse, or anywhere else. So when I saw a sneaker you can put on super easily without bending down, I thought these would be great for me. While they may not be particularly fashionable, the functionality seems pretty awesome for someone who’s a bit lazy like myself. Anyway, they’re kind of hard to describe so…

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