Firetha 5.0

Micki's Delirium

At some point I decided that I wanted to get some heroic past lives of Firetha, and stop playing her like I’ve been playing all the others – TR, ER, some time at cap etc. The issue is that I don’t really enjoy running heroics if I have the option to run epics or raid, so Firetha (and her party of bots) has been left in heroics for almost 3 years. I finally capped her last weekend after completing her third wizard life and I’ve now decided to do 3 favored soul lives. I’ve only played a favored soul once before and that time I made an iconic caster – starting at 15. This means I’ve never actually played an fvs in lower level heroics. I asked Osi and he recommended using a deity weapon because they get bonuses from warpriest tree. While he did quarterstaff, I looked at my…

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