Time Out for Biography: Part II

Ilyanas Tomb of Doom


As any RPG enthusiast will know, Sanctuary, the name, was made famous by a little game called Diablo. After that games meteoric rise, programmers (part timers and full timers) began develop mods and games to catch the feel of the original. Some of those new games and mods were successful. Neverwinter Nights sports a fan-made mod that recaptures Diablo (and Sanctuary) beautifully. Furthermore, games like Sacred and Titan Quest took the idea to the next level (especially Sacred, good lord ya’ll).

But a Ultima Online shard too?

Like I said, I heard about the Sanctuary shard from a fellow vampire on Krilldonia. He convinced me to give Sanctuary UO a try, and so I did. “They have a vampire race too,” he promised. I logged on, saw it, and selected “vampire” as my race.

Little did I know that decision would start a chain of negative events, and in those…

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