NewbieDM Review: Descent into Avernus

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Dungeons and Dragons wants to send you to hell—and it wants to do so aboard a massive, soul powered, Infernal War Machine that’ll have you rumbling across the surface of the first layer of hell while doing your best Mad Max. Sound cool? Read on.

Descent into Avernus‘ format should be familiar to veteran 5e players by now, with WOTC comfortably sticking with an if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it attitude in book design… Much like Tomb of Annihilation and Dragon Heist were both setting books and adventures, this 256 page book brings the venerable city of 1492 DR Baldur’s Gate to life for 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons, and presents an adventure that begins play at 1st level, and carries the party all the way to 13th.


Play begins in Baldur’s Gate, with the assumption being that the party already knows each other (via the new Dark…

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