Old School Dungeons & Dragons: Part 1

Skulls in the Stars

In recent months, I’ve been somewhat obsessed with my early years of Dungeons & Dragons. I got into the hobby around 1981, the year that the red box Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set came out, and was a pretty hard core roleplayer until about 1994, when I went into grad school.  (And I still played some RPGs in grad school, but not with the intensity of those early years.)

The 1981 D&D Basic Set.

To get my nostalgia fix, I’ve been tweeting about “old school” Dungeons & Dragons products.  There’s already been a hint of it on this blog, in my Ode to the Tomb of Horrors post from April.  But I never seem to be able to do anything halfway, and my simple reminisces have turned into the purchasing of new products and increasingly detailed historical threads on old products.

At this point, it would be a shame to…

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