Self-imposed difficulty in MMORPGs


I was reading a post by Naithin at Time to Loot this morning about “Playin’ by new Rules” and it got me thinking about my own rather varied MMORPG gaming history. The post details a community-invented ‘Iron Man’ ruleset that players live by voluntarily to make Asheron’s Call harder to play – I’m not that familiar with the game but I can understand the concept of self-imposed difficulty in a MMO.

As yet I’ve not read of any similar experiments in Classic, of players chosing deliberately underpowered class/spec choices, or limiting themselves to “no twinking” (e.g. no buying items of other players or the auction house) – I expect it will happen if it hasn’t already though.

Holy paladin is about as solo-viable as it was in Vanilla, i.e. it is not.

As someone who has always played World of Warcraft as a ‘small group’ game it is not something…

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