Time Out for Biography: Part 1

Ilyanas Tomb of Doom


Isabel’s roots are in Ilyana, a character I tried my best to role-play on an old Ultima Online free-shard called Krilldonia. My mistake on Krilldonia was making Ilyana a warrior instead of a rogue. Rogues on old UO can walk a seemingly infinite amounts of steps before being forced to hide again.

Warriors, at their best, could only hide.

But why does that matter?

Because this shard was a power gamer’s delight (counting all the bugs and exploits you could abuse), anyone and everyone was a target especially noobs like me.

Krilldonia had its strengths, and OMG it the weaknesses I discussed above– by the drove. To my knowledge, it began as a regular T2A shard with PvP going full strength. However, in order to add spice, the shard came up with the idea of joining levels with custom races (demon, vampire, ophidian, terathan), which in hindsight, was a…

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