Time Out for Biography: IV

Ilyanas Tomb of Doom


When Dragon’s Shadow collapsed, a community of sub-communities collapsed. Nothing would ever come close to that shard. Somehow they got it all to work. All to thrive. All to hum. But endings come to every story, and it came to Dragon’s Shadow with the sound of tyrant hammer’s beating Heaven to a bloody pulp.

Before the lights were turned off, an angel-like presence was piped in to the forum from a competing shard called Oblivion. The angel was beautiful, proper, and forthcoming with details about her shard. I would later find out that she didn’t really own Oblivion–she was just a temporary spokesman for it. Note that word “temporary” and all things UO related. We UO lovers were still meshed in the T2A age.

The weird thing about T2A was the need and expectation of necromancers for “dark minded” players. Feeling jumpy, many scripters heard the need, and with a…

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