Descent into Avernus lore: The Hellriders

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WOTC’s latest release for 5th edition D&D, Descent into Avernus, spins a tale that spans from the fabled city of Baldur’s Gate in Faerun, to Avernus, the first level of hell. In it, we learn the story of Zariel, ruler of Avernus, a fallen angel who sought to destroy the very thing she became, an archdevil in the service of Asmodeus.

In the backstory of the adventure, we learn that she once had an army of mortals from the city of Elturel known as The Hellriders accompany her to hell in an attempt to destroy the demons and devils waging the eternal Blood War. These Hellriders went into hell with her, but were defeated in their quest, and play a rather important part on the story of Zariel and Descent into Avernus. But who exactly are these Hellriders, and how much lore is there about them throughout the different…

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