The Demon Pillars of Iv

Dyson's Dodecahedron

The Demon Pillars of Iv

Many enjoy living next to l’Étendue Sombre, or the Dark Desert – a fragrant desert of dark sands and slowly shifting dunes where the faint smell of anise suffuses the dry air. Those used to life in colder and wetter climes find the border cities around l’Étendue to be therapeutic. The desert itself is less pleasant though – a land where even magical rains fail to fall. Once someone is more than a day’s travel from the nearest of the border cities, there is no sign of life remaining… just dark scented sand and the occasional exposed outcropping of dark stone or bleached bones.

One of these stone outcroppings remains above the desert sands at all times, as if the dunes are avoiding the becursed place. Within is a single 20 foot wide cavern leading to the only standing water in l’Étendue Sombre – and the Demon Pillars of Iv…

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