Vivid Dreams of the SEGA Dreamcast

3rd World Geeks

In the late ’90s, SEGA was on the ropes. They utterly failed during the 32-bit console wars with the bonehead move of launching two simultaneous systems, the 32X and the Saturn, making them look like greedy bastards and losing consumer confidence. They had one more shot to get back on top as they had one more console up their sleeve. That system was the SEGA Dreamcast.

The SEGA Dreamcast ultimately failed.

It wasn’t for lack of trying. SEGA was really smart in developing the Dreamcast. They chose to use low cost components for the system so that they can make a powerful system but sell them at a low cost. It was the first system that you can connect to the Internet out of the box with its bundled 56K dial-up modem. SEGA also put out a huge marketing blitz in Western territories to try to get their new system…

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