Movement Effect Size Caps


There’s a variety of character features in 5th Edition D&D that allow you to manipulate another creature’s position on the battlefield. Yet, unlike grappling and shoving mechanics, many of these features are not limited by the target’s size. This produces some absurd results.

Sentinel Feat. An ancient dragon swoops down on the party to deliver a few melee strikes while its breath weapon recharges. As the massive dragon bats its wings to take back to the air, a PC with the Sentinel feat takes their opportunity attack, and hits. This reduces the dragon’s speed to 0 and it can’t escape because the fighter stabbed its toe.

Repelling Blast. The party is hunkered down in a fortification bracing for battle upon the arrival of a leviathan. Thankfully for the party, their warlock has taken the Eldritch Invocation Repelling Blast. So, each time the warlock hits the leviathan with an Eldritch Blast…

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