[Hexmap] Adventures Around Jalovhec

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Chonki Hexmap WIP

Sprawling over the area where the Greenbeck river joins the Vhec is the trading centre of Jalovhec. A “point of light” in an area of dark forests, wastelands, and inhospitable low mountain ranges, Jalovhec is walled and and well defended against predation by the locals and assisted by its trading partners.

Adventures around Jalovhec Adventures around Jalovhec

The whole area around the city is ripe for adventure – the forests are home to strange creatures and foul humanoids, the wastelands were once home to elder civilizations, and the mountains were mined in the last age by clans of dwarves.

Adventures around Jalovhec BW Adventures around Jalovhec (Black & White)

This map was an experiment with how I draw hexmaps – the maps I drew for The Fantasy Trip involved a lot of nice crunchy hand-drawn hexes and I thought it would be fun to make the hexes a central part of the design of a regional hexmap…

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