South Sewers Hideout

Dyson's Dodecahedron

South Sewers Work in Progress

Between the streets of Waterdeep and the many dungeons (and a whole other city!) below it are significant extents of sewers used to move sewage and storm water from the city to the sea. Many of these sewers link to basements of homes throughout the city – although in many cases these basements have been sealed off from the buildings above in attempts to reduce issues with vermin, smells, and of course thieves.

South Sewers Hideout South Sewers Hideout

Many thieves use the sewers as an underground byway – much safer than trying to use the deeper dungeons below. They have built hideouts and bolt-holes, storage and meeting spaces, and a few places to just disappear. And the thieves aren’t alone – under the streets you can find gathering places for cults and secret societies that can’t meet in public, and even the occasional home for creatures that crave the amenities of the…

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