D&D Dad: “Storm King’s Thunder” Adventure/Campaign Report, Session 4

Michael Jasper

Below is the next session of our party’s Adventure Report for the humongous Dungeons & Dragons campaign Storm King’s Thunder.

Session 4, 5/14/19:

Back up the path, the group marches to get back to Nightstone. However, before they reach the gate they realize, the drawbridge is up! Starving, sweaty, bloody, and exhausted, the group along with 24 villagers just want to shower, rest, eat, and recuperate from the brutal trip into the caves. Halberticus decides to shout out and get a response, with no luck. Sir Frost Breaker and Torinn (with Normanx) mount their brooms and begin to fly up and check out the drawbridge. They are stopped by a voice. Definitely of power and noticeably female. She lets the group know that they have taken over the town; them being the Zentirim. She warns that she threw the last guard into the moat and Elara needs to get lost!…

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