PlayStation 5 Announced For 2020 Holiday Release Plus Details

Tristan Zelden

A month before the six-year anniversary of the PlayStation 4, Sony Interactive Entertainment gave an announcement today with the console’s release date and some information on the PlayStation 5.

The details entailing the PS5 comes from the company’s blog and what SIE CEO Jim Ryan told Wired. Most of the upgrades being made will be hardware focused rather than software which was initially rumored.

A solid-state drive (SSD) to make for a faster working device. Games will have little to no load times. Buying a title on disc will be a 100 GB.

For physical media users, the PS5 will read DVDs and 4K Blu-ray discs.

Installing games will continue as it has become a standard for this current generation of consoles. Sony did confirm users will have more control on which aspects of  a game installs or uninstalls like a campaign or multiplayer mode.

A new user interface…

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