West Sewers Complex

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Back beneath the streets of Waterdeep, we continue to explore the sewers around the hideout from Dragon Heist.

West Sewers Complex West Sewers Complex

This section of sewers has a maintenance access in the lower right side – a hatch opens to a ladder and then stairs down to a set of rooms with some tools and a small workbench. All doors down here are locked and sewer workers are given the keys as needed.

Of more interest are the structures in the upper left – a street-level access leads down to a small “underground market” here. Two small shops are down here, and a slightly larger space that is shared by a few vendors who bring their own stock down when the market is in use and leave with it after hours. The market is a minor black market site that is mostly a convenience to disguise even more secretive comings and…

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