the Stone Troll’s Lantern

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Tavern Map In Progress

Once again this month we are under the streets of Waterdeep, exploring the sewers and, in this case, a business connected thereto.

There are no lack of “basement taverns” in Waterdeep – residential and commercial buildings where the basement has been converted into a public house with its own entrance. But the Stone Troll’s Lantern takes this one level further.

This tavern stinks. Instead of just a single basement, it extends down a few floors under the low rent housing above it, intersecting with the city sewers and thus becoming quite popular with a number of thieves as an “escape hatch” at the end of a sewer run, and then by extension as a place to plan the next big heist.

The main floor of the tavern (the “Basement Level”) is all that most visitors see. A small sub-street-level tavern with a few tables and a bar tended by an…

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