Just say neigh: National Face Your Fears Day

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What are your fears? Even the bravest person has a weakness and is frightened of something. It could be a phobia of something expected, like heights, spiders or flying; or it could be something a little more obscure. National Face Your Fears Day tomorrow encourages everyone to take a look at what scares them and stare it in straight in the eye.

For me, it’s horses – yep, horses. I know they’re considered to be majestic and graceful but I’d rather not be around the creatures and certainly wouldn’t stroke or ride one. Their huge size and the fact you just can’t tell what they’re thinking make me feel very uncomfortable. But Fed from Fed’s Life asked his Sunshine Blogger Award nominees last month what their irrational fears were so perhaps it’s time to get over my equinophobia. In honour of Fed and National Face Your Fears Day, here…

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