Maidae 8.0 take two

Micki's Delirium

I’ve really enjoyed playing Maidae as an inquisitive kensei and when I told Hamster I’d like to do a few more epic lives as inqusitive, he told me to TR instead. I said, sure, but my next life is supposed to be paladin. So, here we go, with Hamster’s help I came up with this paladin inquisitive mechanic. Enhancements to be posted later when the build is live. 6 levels of rogue for int to damage, but I’ll level with 12 points in harper for the same thing. At least 41 points in inquisitive and the rest in mechanic.

Character Plan by DDO Character Planner Version 4.37.105DDO Character Planner Home PageMaidae Shadow
Level 30 Lawful Good Shadar-Kai Female
(6 Fighter \ 8 Paladin \ 6 Rogue \ 10 Epic) 
Hit Points: 506
Spell Points: 182 
BAB: 18\18\23\28\28
Fortitude: 29
Reflex: 25
Will: 15

Abilities        Base Stats         

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