What’s your Gamer Motivation Profile? (version 2)

Later Levels

Back in December 2016, I came across Quantic Foundry after reading an interesting summation of their findings from the Gamer Motivation Profile survey. I decided to join the 250,000 individuals who had already taken the test to discover what it would say about me and you can read more about that here.

Fast-forward to October 2019 and Frostilyte from Frostilyte’s Blog very kindly tagged me in their post about their own profile. This got me thinking: had Quantic Foundry’s survey changed in that period and if I took the test again, would the results reveal any transformations in my gaming motivations? I still enjoy video games with strong narratives and point-and-clicks will always have a special place in my heart; but after finding enjoyment in cooperative titles such as Guns of Icarus Alliance and The Elder Scrolls Online, it was possible I’d changed.

It was a…

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