The Night Revels 2019

Micki's Delirium

This is my favorite event. Well, it’s actually the only event I participate in, except for a few runs of the anniversary dungeon when that is available. Some events I’ve never really gotten into except for testing it out (Risia ice skating for example), while others like Crystal Cove I’ve farmed to death.

What’s fun about Night revels is that each year they add at least one new dungeon and each year there is something new on the reward list. 2016 they added the first reaper armor and helm, 2017 the same in red and last year they added green and the reaper cloaks. The festive augments +2 stacking int or wisdom were added 2015. I’ve farmed them a lot, and have a few from last year sitting in my bank. This year we got some new spectral weapons and the reaper armor set (armor, helm and cloak) in purple…

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