5 abandoned MMOs that I would have loved to seen finished

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For me, what’s worse than MMORPGs that were launched, played, and cancelled are the ones that never launched at all. Correction, interesting-looking MMOs that never launched. These torment me, and today I want to quickly list five games that I think I would have loved to play — if they had actually been finished and released to the public.

The first up is Ultima X Odyssey, which was the second of two abandoned Ultima Online sequels. The graphic style was vaguely cartoony in the vein of World of Warcraft, but the gameplay had a decidedly Ultima twist to it. I loved the idea of moral choices in a fantasy world, and it bugs me that this one got pretty close to being done before EA canned it.

Then we have Project Copernicus, which was dragged down in the abyss by the horrible financial handling of 38 Studios. This…

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