EGX 2019: the trouble with creators

Later Levels

So many people want to be creators. Whether that involves publishing regular videos on YouTube, hosting daily streams on Twitch or even making the next ‘indie darling’ video game, a lot of individuals want to pursue such a career path and even see it leading to them becoming an online celebrity.

It can be done. If you’re in the right place at the right time, own an idea or personality that captures the imagination of viewers and players, and have a sprinkling of luck on your side, you can make it big. We’ve heard stories this year of streamers restyling themselves and being paid undisclosed amounts (and therefore obviously huge) to jump from one platform to another; and game developers hitting the limelight with their first game when their only previous experience was creating hacks back in high-school.

It’s a difficult career to get into though. Online platforms nowadays…

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