Powers & Perils: Fantasy Role Playing Game (1983)

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Avalon Hill released its answer to TSR’s Dungeons & Dragons just as the D&D craze of the early ’80s was ending. The late Richard Snider (who co-authored Dave Arneson’s Adventures in Fantasy) developed an intricate rules system spread over 5 booklets in the set.

Powers & Perils had a trio of accessories released for it before ceasing publication.

“The Character Generation system is designed with one purpose in mind: to create detailed and unique characters, of either sex, in any of four races [human, elf, dwarf, and faerry], each time that they are used. The factors generated are used throughout play. Unlike some other systems, they are not rolled and forgotten. Each characteristic that is determined for a character has some use that will be important to the character’s success and survival. These uses are detailed throughout the first book and many of the basic formulae that are applied…

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One thought on “Powers & Perils: Fantasy Role Playing Game (1983)”

  1. I’m not an expert on the game, so it was interesting to hear the comments on social media. A few were in agreement that the best thing to come out of P&P wasn’t the game, but the Perilous Lands campaign setting itself.

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