Oakfell Vale Maps

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Oakfell Vale DM Map Oakfell Vale DM Map

Oakfell Vale is an adventure site for a forthcoming module for Neoclassical Geek Revival – the setting is a corrupted valley in deep and near trackless woods. Woods are always an issue to represent in a manner that allows for easy use and reading, while also being, obviously, trees.

The waters of the Vale are tainted – on the map this is shown by the the use of blue for the safe water streams, and uncoloured waters indicate those that have been tainted at the spring, the falls, or where the waters mingle at the pool.

Oakfell Vale Player Map Oakfell Vale Player Map

I’ve included three versions of the map here – the DM and Player maps that will appear in the adventure proper, and an untagged version for your own use. The map for the location marked as “Giant Oak & Columns” in the player map will be…

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