Going back to Britannia

Ilyanas Tomb of Doom


You know me. When the going gets tough, and when villagers start calling me a “witch” instead of “bitch,” it’s time to push back into the woodlands, erect a tower, abandon my horse and use magic for transportation. Do this and villagers will hardly know you exist.

Keep your kills to the hinterlands, and drink human blood on the rare occasions when you catch a bandit trying to break into your tower. Do this, and hardly any mortal soul will know your heart doesn’t beat.

Raid the collapsed keeps and fortresses of the land for funds; slay the monsters of the land; leave their bodies to be found by a roving detachment of guardsmen, and you will find less guardsmen roving your wilderness looking for a target.

And since being burned strapped to a pillory is frowned upon by vampires like me, I began to rove the woodlands by night…

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