Game Developers Share Their Favorite Halloween Games

Mega Dads


We’ve always loved Halloween. Whether as a kid dressed up in a cheap, plastic Chewbacca costume to score candy, or as an adult dressing up as Slenderman in the front yard to scare the crap out of some kids, this season has always been a favorite of ours. One of the things we love to do most during the lead up to Halloween is to play some of our favorite spooky video games. Gaming has a long history of delivery shrieks and creaks, and the two of us have our own personal favorites, but we wanted to know what games other people liked to play late at night with the lights down low. So we asked some of our game developer friends to share their favorite fright fests with us.

Allen Murray (The Outer Worlds, Destiny) – DEAD SPACE

DeadSpace“To me, this game was such a delight…

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