Ye Olde Temple & Crypts

Dyson's Dodecahedron

The forbidden worship of Hir of the Six Eyes has meant that most of Hir’s temples were “salvaged” from older construction – built over or into the remains of temples and other dungeons belonging to forgotten faiths and cultures.

This particular structure has seen multiple previous uses – and several have their influences still clearly visible. The main level has been almost completely converted to a temple to Hir of the Six Eyes – with the triangular rooms to the upper left being the only reminders of previous tenants who had other ideas about appropriate temple geometry. These chambers are locked off from the main complex, the doors in are barred, jammed, and sealed with lead.

Yee Olde Temple & Crypts Ye Olde Temple & Crypts

The age of the structure has resulted in a collapse in the main hall to the temple nave proper, and those who seek Hir blessings now turn south when…

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