Deities & Demigods: Cthulhu or not?

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Deities & Demigods 1st 3rd bDeities & Demigods (1980-1) for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons is a well-known hardcover. Even folks who know very little about D&D history know the old DDGs have the Cthulhu and Menibonean pantheons in them.

Well, not all of them have C&M. I see a lot of mistaken eBay sellers who believe all the Erol Otus art covers have C&M.


Over at our reference site page for the AD&D hardbacks, I have an aid for distinguishing the editions, which I condensed from a much longer write-up over at The Acaeum.

I’ll repeat the guide here:

Some online sellers confuse printings, and will claim C/M mythos when they’re not actually present. Asking for the page count is the quickest indicator:
144 pages = Cthulhu/Melnibonean
128 pages = both mythos gone

Quick breakdown of the printings:
1st – Has C/M mythos. No thanks to Chaosium.
2nd – Has C/M mythos…

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  1. This is the item that every D&D collector wants. Even folks that know nothing about the older editions of D&D seem to all be versed in the rare Cthulhu print. And unlike most D&D rares, the C&M DDG really does offer more reading value than the non-collectible version.

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