Thankfull for the All-in-one MMORPG


After coming back from working a gruelling four-day weekend (circa 42 hours worked), I’m now battling a dose of cold/flu and have found myself rather listless when I’m not at work. Motivation to play anything seems lower than usual,  I guess because my ability to concentrate has taken  a hit. I imagine it’s not a unique situation for me as that’s just the kind of work I do a couple of times a year. After being on it every waking moment and having to be social a majority of that time with colleagues and clients, I am really glad that the MMORPG genre is broad enough to cope with me occasionally needing something rather different in my gaming leisure time.

So far this week, other than watching some classic TV series rather at random (including some ST: Voyager and ST: Deep Space Nine episodes), I’ve mostly just sat tinkering in…

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