Adventures in Fantasy (1979): A Post-D&D project for Dave Arneson

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Haven’t had a Adventures in Fantasy box set in the shop in years, so I thought this would be a great time to profile the set.

The set is “Signed!” – which is super exciting until you realize that Richard Snider & Dave Arneson signed almost all of the AiF sets I’ve seen.

Adventures in Fantasy AG box set b AiF set that was in the shop April 2014

Adventures in Fantasy [BOX SET]
1979 … Dave Arneson & Richard Snider … Adventures Unlimited / Excalibre Games / Adventure Games

Sets in the shop (Home page redirect = No Inventory)

The System

Adventures in Fantasy signed typical Set is most commonly found with box lid signed by Richard Snider (creator of the Powers and Perils RPG) and Dave Arneson (co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons)

Many years back DUNGEONS & DRAGONS by Gygax and Arneson first appeared on the gaming scene and a veritable revolution then took place. Soon dozens of supplements…

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