The broken promise of the MMO genre

Hardcore Casual

Could you imagine playing the same videogame for a decade?
Ten years, one game?

If this question was asked in the 90s, it would seem silly.
That would be at least two generations of consoles, and PC hardware was
changing so fast back then that it just wouldn’t make sense.

Then in the late 90s Ultima Online came out, and with it the
promise of a virtual world that was always changing, always expanding. UO wasn’t
a game you picked up and played until you beat it, it was a service you signed
up for and lived with. The promise was, in a nutshell, an RPG with a story that
never ended.

Early on in MMO history, the late 90s and into the early 2000s,
this promise was mostly upheld. UO was a virtual world, EQ1 was less so, but
was ever-expanding. Asherons Call and Dark Age of Camelot came…

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