Cities in MMORPGs #IntPiPoMo2019


For this first installment of screenshots for the 2019 edition of International Picture Posting Month, I’m going to present some of my favourite city views from various MMORPGs.

Cities are almost always a major hub or quest giver location in MMORPGs, but they can also be so much more. They can be a major setting for gameplay, where earth shattering events take place or major plots unravel.

1) Minas Tirith, Lord of the Rings Online

This city is enormous in scale and complexity – even having two variants based on the progression of the main storyline. It’s iconic, grandious and a great setting for important story action.

2) Corsucant, Star Wars the Old Republic

Of several city-planets, I opted to feature Coruscant as it’s deeply embedded in my time spent in Star Wars the Old Republic. It’s a great and varied set of city zones.

3) New Halas, Everquest 2

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