Review: D&D Essentials Kit

Return of the Dungeon Master

If I had to list my favourite D&D adventures of all time, “The Lost Mine of Phandelver” would definitely be up there. It marked my return as a Dungeon Master in 2016 and it’s a tight little sandbox adventure.

With that in mind, the D&D Essentials Kit caught my eye purely on the basis that the included adventure, “Dragon of Icespire Peak” returns to the village of Phandalin and the surrounding area. I was also keen to access the adventure content digitally and with the physical product including a voucher for the D&D Beyond version of the adventure, it made sense to buy the physical box.

Ultimately, nothing in the Essentials kit is particularly “essential” to me these days. I own all of the core rulebooks and supplements. However, compared to the original Starter Set, the Essentials Kit is a huge improvement and contains some interesting items. Included within the…

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