RPGs have taught me to be a gold miser

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Let me start today’s post by asking you a question: How important is in-game money to you in RPGs and MMOs?

Because the answer for me, and I suspect many of you, is “not that much.” At least, money doesn’t matter on a daily basis in current games. Looking back, this used to be a lot different in older RPGs and MMORPGs, where there was only one currency that you kind of needed for everything.

I mean, go back to those older console RPGs and see how a great majority of your gear wasn’t looted but purchased from a vendor. Chrono Trigger gated its gear by offering a better quality vendor when you got to new areas, at which point you’d spend your cash to upgrade your team’s armor and weapons.

MMOs used to be a lot more like this as well. We saw a great example of that this…

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