Labhruinn’s Tavern

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Labhruinn’s Tavern is a cosy little establishment built into the basement of three story stone & wood residential structure on Clinker Street. While the clientelle was mostly boatbuilders and clinkers when Labhruinn’s opened, the growth of the city has gentrified the neighbourhood and now most of the customers own or work for the various merchants and tradesmen who live here.

The tavern has passed along via debt payments, gifts, and the occasional at-value cash transfer through the Labhruinn family. The current owner of Labhruinn’s is a distant cousin of the original owner, who doesn’t actually share the family name (although everyone calls him Joe Labhruinn anyways).

Labhruinn's Tavern Labhruinn’s Tavern

The front entrance to the tavern is down some stairs from street level, although the back entrance opens directly into the alley behind the building, which is about 8 feet lower than the road at the front.

The tavern itself is fairly…

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