Episode 333: Five Scenes in Video Games That Make Me Emotional

3rd World Geeks


We’ve all had emotional rushes when playing a video game. We can feel frustrated when we can’t compete a level. We can become elated when finally beating that one super tough boss and finish the game. We can even feel melancholic after finishing the game because we thoroughly enjoyed the experience but also feel sad that the adventure is over. Video games can make you feel that because of the interactivity. We’re active participants and doing the things on the screen.

We can, however, also feel the game tugging on our heartstrings at times with their stories. There have been really big moments in video games that have left an impact on us because of how a specific cutscene affected us. I know you’ve felt that because I’ve felt them numerous times. So, with that in mind, here are just 5 scenes in video games that left me feeling…

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