Why I Play Video Games

Sarah Chaney Gaming

When I was younger, the biggest games I played were Wizards 101, Toontown, Runescape, etc. I loved playing them with my dad; video games and binging TV shows were two of the best ways my dad and I bonded growing up. I also vaguely remember playing The Simpson’s Hit & Run game and a few racing games, but nothing specific. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve branched out and now I have a more diverse library of games I play as well as a variety of consoles. 

My reasons for playing video games when I was younger probably would have included “because it’s fun,” “to procrastinate doing chores,” and “because it’s fun.” I never really thought about it as a kid because I didn’t have to. I don’t really have to now either, but I think that realizing and thinking about the reasons why you do something, even something as simple…

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