Old School Essentials: What’s Old Is New Again

Return of the Dungeon Master

I’ve made no secret in the past about my love of B/X D&D. Other than 5th Edition I think it’s the best edition of the game. I’ve dabbled with games inspired by it like Basic Fantasy but ultimately I wanted B/X in it’s purest form. At the same time though, my original Moldvay Basic rules are already well thumbed and I certainly don’t want to cause any further deteriation to that classic tome.

With that in mind, I backed Necrotic Gnome’s “Old School Essentials” Kickstarter so that I had a new copy of the classic rules to use at the table and I have to say it’s an absolute winner. It’s probably the finest version of the B/X ruleset that I own.

For anyone who isn’t familiar with Old School Essentials, it’s important to stress that it’s not an B/X clone like Basic Fantasy or Labyrinth Lord. There are no…

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