Back to Basics: Where My D&D Journey Began

Return of the Dungeon Master

I’ve been reading a fair bit of the core Dungeon World rulebook recently. I like the fact that it feels both old and new at the same time. As if it has captured the essence of the early versions of D&D but somehow managed to add a fresh twist. I’ve also been very impressed, as previously noted on this blog, by Dungeon Crawl Classics.

Both of these games stir something within me. A nostalgia for the time when I first fell in love with Fantasy Role-Playing games. D&D 5th Edition rekindled that love. I doubt I’d have immersed myself back in the hobby to the extent I have if it wasn’t for the fact that 5e feels so much like the D&D of my teenage years.

I wanted to use this post to talk about where it all started for me. Back in around (I think, but the memory…

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