5 Games I’m Embarrassed To Have Never Played.

Gaming Omnivore

As we near the end of the second decade into the new millennium, I have been looking back at some of the biggest and best gaming moments of the past ten years. As I look over some of the games that have been released, I realize there’s still so many games that I haven’t ever played and even more that I may have played for a while but never saw through to the end( like The Witcher 3 and Persona 5). For today’s post I’ve made a list of five games that sheepishly admit I have never played. The titles may be either: a) games that have become such a significant part of gaming culture that everyone and their mother has played it or b) generally regarded as one of the best the medium has to offer. In the past month, I was able to cross Castlevania: Symphony of the…

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