Hall of the Patrons

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Lost for nearly a decade, the Hall of the Patrons is one of the few remains of the Green Fortress that have been rediscovered after the razing of Eagle Duchy. The hall was where the great treasures given to the Eagle Dukes were kept and displayed, essentially bragging of the patronage the Dukes received for their grand deeds and heroic pursuits.

Hall of the Patrons Hall of the Patrons

Accessing what remains of the Hall of the Patrons involves crawling in through the windows of a side chamber that emerges from the ruins of the Green Fortress. The once-secret treasure rooms attached to the Hall are no longer so secret, with a tunnel shaped through the earth and stone into one of them.

And thank you to MY patrons, who make this all possible.


The maps on Dyson’s Dodecahedron are released for free personal use thanks to the support of awesome patrons like you…

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