Gamer Spotlight: Will Smith


Will Smith (Founder of FOO VR, Podcast Host)

Will Smith has been in the tech industry for over 2 decades, having started his career as an editor for sites such as Ars Technica, Maximum PC & In 2015 he founded FOO VR where they create animation in real time using virtual reality and machine learning. They’ve worked on projects for Adult Swim, Gamestop, and created the world’s first 3D rendered talk show, The FOO Show. Will is also the co-host of two podcasts, Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project and Brad & Will Made a Tech Pod, and he can often be found on his Twitch channel where he streams the latest games.

What is the first video game that you remember playing?

“When I was 5 or 6, I went to a friends birthday party, and he’d just gotten an Atari 2600. I was terrible at the…

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