D&D Diary – Lost Mine of Phandelver – Session 1

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The Road to Phandalin

My boys want to learn to play D&D.  What’s a good dad supposed to do?  The smart ones tell them to go play “Skyrim”.  The dumb awesome ones say, “Hey, I used to play D&D. This will be easy.  I’ll teach you.”  Guess which one I am.

After buying the Starter Box Set, I quickly realized that I needed to relearn the game too.  Almost all of the game mechanics are different from what I knew.  Here is my review of the 5th Edition Starter Set.  Fortunately, the Starter Set is designed to be played right out of the box.  Almost.

But before you can play you have to have players.  First, we started with some of the friends around the neighborhood.  But when the other boy named his character Sir Shitty McPisspants Farts-A-Lot, and the two girls spent the entire time on their phones…

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